i’m about to try and

i’m about to try and fade into a nyquil-induced coma. i have to feel pretty lousy to resort to drugs. i do (feel pretty lousy). i’ve never much cared for helen hunt. not ever. not in mad about you (though i think paul reiser is terrific). not in twister. not in as good as it gets. not in cast away. not tonight on dave. she seems utterly uncharming, unengaging, and unhappy to me. i mostly wrote that sentence to see if i could use four words that start with u in the same sentence. she just talked about her dog — it’s a snow breed and she lives in beverly hills. i bet she’s all for animal rights too. perfectly sensible hollywood celebrity logic. these people don’t exist in the same reality as you and i. not that she or anyone cares what i think about her, but i’m working on 1/10 of a buzz, so i thought i’d write a little.