tonight at 10E/9C, the discovery

tonight at 10E/9C, the discovery channel will debut a program entitled thomas l. friedman reporting: searching for the roots of 9/11. friedman, a new york times columnist, has spent much of his career covering the arab world, and this program is his exploration of how muslims around the world view the u.s. “why do they hate us?” became the post-9/11 question-of-the-year, but i’m not sure many of us found an answer that made sense. if we’re honest, a lot of us assume that “they” are all just a little nuts. that might be the easy answer, but it’s not a very good one. i doubt friedman will offer the final word in the matter, but he appears to have made an effort to get beyond the surface. and let’s be honest — if the discovery channel picked it up, that probably means the networks passed on it. that’s always a good sign. get out of your nice, white box and look at the world through someone else’s eyes for an hour. i will if you will. if you miss it tonight, you can see the schedule of its many re-airings by linking to the show above.